Leading High Performing Teams


Saturday, September 28, 2019    10am - 4pm


Do you want to have a dental practice that is financially successful, professionally rewarding and gives more back to you than it takes? Working harder, eliminating insurance, slashing costs are not viable methods to create a successful practice in today’s environment. You need a high performing team that will support your vision and help you create the practice that you desire.

How do you develop that special 'magic' of a joyful, self-directed, high performing team? Through lecture, group and individual masterminding and workshopping, former U.S. Navy Captain (Ret.) Ty Aldinger will help you to identify, model and translate to your team the essential behaviors that will not only create a high performing team but also to sustain that team through the many challenges faced in the modern dental practice.

You will walk away with actionable steps and tools that will enable you to have an immediate and positive impact on your team and practice.

A certified Covey Leadership facilitator, Ty has extensive skills and specific working knowledge in:

  •  Modeling ~ being true to ourselves; “walking our talk”
  •  Pathfinding ~ crafting a shared Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities; teambuilding
  •  Aligning ~ focusing on the wildly important and keeping a compelling scorecard; accountability
  •  Empowering ~ inspiring others to find their voice; sustaining growth


Captain Ty Aldinger, USN (retired)

From the military wardroom and the executive boardroom to the family living room, Ty Aldinger has devoted his career to “leading leaders”. With a focus on identifying progressive, “3rd Alternative” strategies that create lasting relationships among and between the stakeholders in today’s vibrant and fast-paced society, Ty moves executive coaching from business management to “life leadership”.As President and Owner of AldiPro Consulting in Hawaii, he brings more than 30 years of leadership coaching, counseling, and consulting experience to the local community. Retiring from the Navy with the rank of Captain, Ty moved into corporate leadership and has recently served as the senior executive for both Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems in Hawaii.



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019    10am - 4pm

lunch & parking included

$75 per person / $50 Early Registration  

(until August 10, 2019)